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Health challenges in the EMEA region

What challenges will companies face in the future?
Aon has just published the Aon Whitepaper, detailing the health challenges that compa-nies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will face in the coming years.How will these challenges affect employee health and productivity – and what does this mean for the pricing of insurance programmes and health care schemes in general?
As a supplement to the white paper, Aon conducted a health survey in the EMEA region, in which more than 500 companies shared their views on the health challenges they see, and how these challenges will impact their activities going forward. 
For a presentation of how the survey’s results can be incorporated into your health strat-egy for the years to come, contact our Healthcare Risk Executive, Jesper Jensen, at 
jesper.jensen@aon.dk or by calling 3269 7271.