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Strenght in numbers

Aon UP is a pool scheme for smaller and medium-sized companies. Several thousand employees in several hundred companies have combined their pension savings and insurances, which gives them significant advantages.

Aon UP is a unique possibility for offering attractive pension plan terms, which employees would otherwise only have access to in larger companies. As an employee your pension plan terms are no worse than those of employees in larger companies.

With Aon UP both employees and companies will receive professional advice and guidance from fully qualified pension consultants. We can provide this service in person at the company's location, or via mail or phone.

We will keep you posted on any new, relevant information, ensuring that your pension plan is always up to date.

Aon UP's pension plan offers a modern approach to savings where you can contribute to your savings in a way that fits your specific needs.


Do high-risk investments appeal to you? Are you planning to invest in stocks with the possibility of earning a large return every year? Or do you prefer to play it safe with reliable low-return savings?

Or perhaps you prefer a combination? Aon UP caters to your needs; you can create your risk profile just as you like it.


Aon UP's insurances are up to market standards and above all designed to offer all employees and their families financial security in case of severe illness, loss of working capacity or death.

All insurances can be adjusted for age, family type, personal wishes or financial needs.


Personalized adjustment is of great importance since the insurances are paid through the pension contributions – the larger the amount allocated to insurances, the smaller the amount allocated to savings.

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